Here are the answers to frequently asked questions

Where are the products made?
All of our native botanical products are grown, produced and packaged in Queensland by Essences From the Australian Bush.
What is an essential oil?
An essential oil is a liquid mainly found in leaves, petals or bark which contains aroma combinations from plants. Essential oils are simply the oil of the plant. It isin a sense the “essence” of the plant’s fragrance.
How can these essential oils be used?
Essential oils have many uses including flavourings, scents, aromatherapy, medicinal and household uses. Go to our website in our products section for more information on each oil. Many essential oils are sold on to other businesses and they are used as a combination in every day products such as personal insecticides, fly spray and air fresheners.
What are the teas and powders used for?
Teas and powders have many uses including flavourings, aromatherapy, medicinal and household uses. Go to our website in our teas and powder section for more information on each product. Also check out our recipe section and if you have an interesting recipe to share with us please let us know.
Can I buy all your products on line?
Yes you can buy all our products on line. We sell smaller retail amounts of powders and teas in heat sealed aluminium packets and our essential oils come in lightweight aluminium bottles starting at 50 mls. We have wholesale amounts available for those who would use these products in larger amounts. Please contact us via our website contact page for a price list and/or speak to Don directly for personal advice if you are requiring substantial orders. At this stage our products are not sold anywhere else except for South Australia where they can be purchased through Poetic Justice Café Gallery, Gawler.
Are the products available wholesale?
Our Teas, Powders and Essential Oils are available in bulk orders for wholesalers. Please contact us via this link for further information.
How do you get the essential oil?
The essential oil needs to be extracted from the plant. Most essential oils distillers use methods of extracting essential oils that use steam or in some cases solvents. This method is where the plant material is placed in boiling water. The steam and water are pushed around and through the plant material which then picks up the essential oil. The steam and oils are captured and then separated out to produce the essential oil.
Are essential oils the only product you can get from plants?
For as long as our indigenous peoples have been living in Australia, they have known the benefits of our Australian native plants. Here at “Essences from the Australian Bush” we acknowledge their traditional history and their expert knowledge of our Australian Native Plants. We have crushed the dried leaves to make refreshing natural teas and blended the dried leaves and nuts to make powders. So for us the whole plant can be used sustainably.
How do we know we are getting a good product?
“Essences from the Australian Bush” has been in existence for over 20 years. During this period we have been researching the history and usage of all our Australian Native products. Our horticultural background means that we know and recognise the native plants we are using. The common name for many plants can include several different sub-species and whilst one sub-species is good the others may have different properties. It is our aim to supply only the correct sub-species which is why you will find that all our quality products have their botanical name on our packaging.

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