Wild Lemon May Powder


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Leptospermum liversidgei, commonly known as lemon-scented tea-tree, swamp may, olive teatree, or lemon teatree, is a shrub to 4 m found naturally growing in wet coastal heath in Eastern Australia. Leaves are 5–7 mm long, with a distinctive lemony aroma. The white or pink flowers are solitary, followed by a woody capsule. The name “Leptospermum” is from the Greek “leptos sperma” which means “thin seed”, and “liversidgei” is after Professor A. Liversidge. Leptospermum liversidgei has two essential oil chemotypes: It is used as a bushfood spice and as a food flavouring and the dried leaves are used to flavour teas and food products.  Small-scale production is from wild-harvesting.
The citronellal chemotype is cultivated as a mosquito repellent. The shrub is also cultivated as a garden ornamental.

(Suggested strength - infuse 1 tsp per cup of boiled water for 1-3 minutes)

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